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CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre

CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre

The CUHK Yao Chung Kit Diabetes Assessment Centre is established under our Institute and is made possible through a generous donation from the Yao Yiu Sai Education and Charitable Memorial Fund to increase the accessibility, affordability and sustainability in providing risk stratification programmes to the growing population of patients with diabetes in the community. Being the first university established diabetes centre in Hong Kong, the Centre has benefited over 23,000 people with or at risk of having diabetes through the following evidence-based comprehensive assessment services and education programmes to complement medical care in the community since its inception in 2007:


•   Diabetes Prediction and Diagnosis Service
•   Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
•   Diabetic Complications Assessment
•   Diabetes Education and Empowerment Programme
•   Genetic Testing and Other Services

The Centre strives to fill the service gap between the public and private health care settings and to establish a novel diabetes care model in providing informational and ongoing support to both doctors and patients for timely and personalized diabetes care. The Centre is currently registered as a healthcare service provider of the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme with the Government of the HKSAR.

For service enquiries, please contact the Centre at or 2647 8806.