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Professional Training for Nurses in Diabetes Care

Professional Training for Nurses in Diabetes Care

To strengthen collaborations with the Diabetes Care and Research Centre of Jiangsu Province Official Hospital (JPOH) and its Institute of Geriatrics on research and academic exchanges, our Institute signed the first Memorandum of Understanding with the JPOH back in 2009. In our nine years of strategic partnership, we have trained over 400 nurses from various major hospitals of the Jiangsu Province through our 2-week flagship Professional Training for Nurses in Diabetes Care.

Training sessions include -

Diabetes complications screening
•    Personalized report education
•    Self management through technology 

•    Diabetic kidney disease
•    Diabetes and emotions
•    Mindfulness talk for diabetes patients
•    Empowerment through games
•    Diets and weight management
•    Foot care and diabetes
•    Prevention through community outreach
•    Visit to NGOs in diabetes care
Visit to public and private diabetes centres

For training enquiries, please contact the Institute at or (852) 2647 8806.