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Sustainable Public-Private-Partnership Model to Enhance Diabetes Care

Sustainable Public-Private-Partnership Model to Enhance Diabetes Care

In the Hong Kong Diabetes Registry, 3-5% of diabetic patients developed cardiovascular-renal disease, cancer and/or died annually. One in five was diagnosed before the age of 40 and among them, 30% had died or suffered from a major illness by the age of 60. This project aims to design and evaluate the outcomes and affordability of a public-private-partnership (PPP) model to optimize diabetes care in the community and to advocate effective community care for the growing healthcare need of ageing and chronic diseases.

Our Institute was awarded a research grant of Central Policy Unit's Public Policy Research Funding Scheme in 2015-16 for the project Designing a Sustainable Public-Private-Partnership Program to Enhance Diabetes Care and Evaluating Its Impact Using an Outcomes Simulation Model with the following objectives - 

  • To propose a sustainable private public partnership (PPP) scheme to promote community-based diabetes integrated care programme with quality assurance and ongoing evaluation

  • To project the effect of the PPP scheme within 20 years in terms of reducing the number of diabetic patients developing retinopathy, cardiovascular-renal and cancer events, using a probabilistic outcomes simulation model

  • To perform budget impact analysis for implementing the proposed PPP scheme

The completed research report was uploaded by the and Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office on its website in 2018 for public reference.