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Overview and Objectives

This two-year part-time programme aims to equip health care professionals with the latest advances in research and development in the field of diabetes, obesity, metabolic and endocrine diseases. Students can also equip with the skills to diagnose, assess, manage and educate patients with these common but complex diseases in the community.    

At the end of the programme, graduates will have an in-depth understanding of the followings:

  • Scientific principles underlying regulation of the endocrine system and maintenance of homeostasis including energy metabolism 
  • effective use of currently available diagnostic and assessment tools as well as therapeutic options in the management of diabetes, obesity, metabolic and endocrine diseases 
  • importance of psychological, cognitive and behavioral aspects in the development and management of these chronic diseases     
  • importance of care organization and continuous quality improvement with particular emphasis on practice of evidence-based medicine and patient education using a holistic and multidisciplinary approach 
  • latest advances and controversies in both clinical and basic research programmes in the field of endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism and their relevance to clinical practice
  • critical appraisal of published data and articles in the field of diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism 
  • conceptualization, design and implementation of clinical research programmes with effective data analysis, interpretation and publication