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Course Structure


Total Unit Required: 30


Study Term

Programme Modules

Programme Codes

10 units

Year 1 

Term 1-3

Diabetes Management and Education 


MEDM5101 MEDM5102 MEDM6101

8 units

Year 1 Term 3
Year 2
Term 1-2

General Endocrinology and Metabolism 


MEDM5201 MEDM5202 MEDM6201

1 unit

Year 2 Term 2

Obesity and Weight Management


11 units

Year 2 Term 3

Graduation Project




Programme of Study

MEDM5101 Diabetes Management and Education I (2.3 units)


Glucose homeostasis and diabetes – an overview

·         Glucose homeostasis and insulin actions

·         Diagnosis and classification of diabetes

·         Monitoring of diabetes management

Insulin therapy and diabetic emergencies

·         When and how to use insulin?

·         Intensive insulin therapy and other injectable therapies in diabetes

·         Hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia and sick day management

Practical diabetes management

·         Therapeutic diabetes education

·         When to use oral agents and which one?

·         Dietary management in diabetes

Interactive Workshops – Practical Management

·         Exercise in diabetes management

·         From diagnosis to management

·         Meal planning and weight management - from theory to practice

Clinical Attachment

·         Therapeutic diabetes education programme

·         Insulin injection education programme

·         Individual counseling and patient empowerment

·         Individual counseling and patient empowerment (Practicum)

·         Intensive insulin therapy programme

·         Shared care and quality assurance (1) - risk factors and complication assessment

·         Shared care and quality assurance (2) - Diabetes empowerment programme

MEDM5102 Diabetes Management and Education II (4.3 units)


Diabetes management in special situations

·         Obesity

·         Management of diabetes and pregnancy including gestational diabetes

·         Dyslipidaemia and hypertension

Diabetic comorbidities (1)

·         Childhood diabetes

·         Cardiovascular complications of diabetes

·         Renal complications of diabetes

Diabetic comorbidities (2)

·         Autonomic neuropathy

·         Retinopathy

·         Other comorbidities

Interactive Workshops – Practical Management

·         Practical aspects of insulin treatment

·         Diabetes self management

·         Quality diabetes care

Clinical Attachment

·         Weight Management

·         Education on meal planning

·         Foot care in diabetes - visit to podiatrist

·         Gestational diabetes

MEDM6101 Diabetes Management and Education III (3.4 units)


Clinical Attachment

·         Diabetes eye clinic

·         Diabetic nephropathy clinic


Statistical Workshops – Research Methodologies

·         Research methodologies illustrated with local examples and practical sessions using locally relevant databases

·         Statistical analysis made easy - a diabetologist's perspective

·         Critical appraisal of landmark studies in diabetes (diagnosis, harm, prognosis and therapy) 


Interactive Workshops - Treatment with Clinical Practice


Translational of research into clinical practice – holistic patient care in diabetes (1)

·         Depression, diabetes distress and quality of life in type 2 diabetes

·         Putting Psychological Theory into Clinic: Clinical Psychological Service in a Local DM Centre

·         Peer support in diabetes


Translational of research into clinical practice – holistic patient care in diabetes (2)

·         Motivational interview – concept and application

·         Communications with patients having diabetes (1)

·         Communications with patients having diabetes (2)


Diabetes in-patient care and special situations

MEDM5201 General Endocrinology & Metabolism I (1 unit)


An introduction to endocrinology

·         Calcium disorders and metabolic bone disease

·         Short stature, delayed puberty and overview of other common paediatric endocrine diseases

·         Overview of disease of the hypothalamus pituitary axis


Hypothalamus-pituitary axis

·         Overview of homeostasis and endocrine system

·         Pituitary incidentoloma and prolactinoma

·         Acromegaly


Thyroid and bone disorders

·         Thyroid disorders – pitfall of diagnosis and management

·         Cushing’s syndrome - from diagnosis to management

·         Osteoporosis - current management


Clinical Attachment

·         Endocrine clinic

·         Endocrine teaching

MEDM5202 General Endocrinology & Metabolism II (3 units)



Reproductive endocrinology

·         Polycystic ovarian syndrome - its metabolic and endocrine aspects

·         Approach to menstrual disturbance and infertility

·         Approach to impotence and hypogonadism


Adrenal disorders

·         Genetic endocrine diseases - an overview

·         Endocrine and metabolic abnormalities associated with infections

·         Phaeochromocytoma and adrenal incidentoloma - workup and management


Common lipid and uncommon childhood endocrine disorders

·         Common lipid disorders - evaluation and update on management

·         Conn's syndrome and workup for secondary hypertension

·         Molecular and biochemical evaluation of endocrine disorders


Emerging issues and controversies

·         Adrenal carcinoma and neuroendocrine tumours

·         Interpretation of endocrine tests during acute illnesses

·         Neurohormonal dysregulation


Interactive Workshops – Practical Management


Thyroid and bone disorders

·         Principles and applications of thyroid function tests and bone turnover markers

·         Radiological evaluation of thyroid disorders

·         Radiological evaluation of osteoporosis

·         Radiological evaluation of adrenal disorders


Adrenal gland and reproductive endocrinology (1)

·         Addison's disease and Phaeochromocytoma

·         Acromegaly - a multidisciplinary approach for management and evaluation

·         Multifaceted management of polycystic ovarian syndrome

·         Surgical management of goitre, hyperthyroidism and hyperparathyroidism


Pituitary gland and reproductive endocrinology (2)

·         Prolactinoma (micro vs macro) - medical or surgical treatment

·         Principles and applications of radiotherapy for common pituitary adenomas

·         Conn's and Cushing's syndrome

·         Evaluation and management of infertility


Clinical Attachment

·         Endocrine in-patient grand round (1)

·         Endocrine in-patient grand round (2)

·         Thyroid clinic

·         Combined pituitary clinic

·         Growth & Endocrine clinic

MEDM6201 General Endocrinology & Metabolism III (4 units)


Interactive Workshops – Practical Management


Electrolytes and lipid disorders (From clinical evaluation to management)

·         Common dyslipidaemia and genetic lipid disorders

·         Hypernatremia and hyperkalaemia

·         Hyponatremia

·         Hypokalaemia


Paediatric and reproductive endocrinology (3)

·         Hirsutism and virilization - evaluation and management

·         Endocrine disorders in pregnancy (excluding diabetes)

·         Short stature - diagnostic evaluation and practical tips for management

·         Congenital adrenal hyperplasia - evaluation and management


Clinical Attachment

·         Combined gynae-endocrine clinic

MEDM5301 Obesity & Weight Management (1 unit)




Obesity – from epidemiology to pathophysiology

·         Origin of obesity – from brain to gut to ectopic sites

·         Obesity as a chronic disease – Greater China perspectives

·         Endocrine roles of adipocytes and their relevance to clinical presentation


Management of obesity – from theory to practice

·         Weight management - past, present and future

·         Popular diets for weight management - are these sound diets?

·         Role of exercise and behavior modification


Interactive Workshops – Practical Management


Interactive case discussion: managing obesity – managing obesity related co-morbidities

·         Clinical assessment of obesity

·         Gynecological complications of obesity

·         Cardiovascular complications of obesity

·         Psychobehavioral treatment of binge eating disorder in obese subjects


Interactive case discussion: managing obesity – a multidisciplinary approach

·         Obesity - myths and facts

·         Practical dietary strategies for weight management

·         Exercise and life-style modifications

·         Tips for prescribing anti-obesity drugs

·         The possible role of surgery

MEDM6401 Graduation Project (11 units)

A 5,000-word research based dissertation involving protocol writing up, data analysis and reporting of results and discussion on a topic related to endocrinology, diabetes or metabolic medicine. Students are required to address one of the common aspects of a medical problem with the relevant database.